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February 8, 2017
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Useful Prague Maps & Apps

The winding and narrow nature of Prague’s streets makes them both charming and a bit of a maze. Therefore, guests visiting the city for the first time may understandably have trouble finding their way around. This is particularly true when looking for something very specific, such as recycling bins, bike paths or drinking fountains (and haven’t we all searched for at least one of those things at some point in time?).  That’s just why we decided to put together a list of our favorite free online maps, which will help you locate some of Prague’s harder to find amenities. There’s even a map to help you find free food, and who doesn’t love that? Enjoy!

Note: Though some of the maps are in Czech, they can be easily translated to your language by installing the Google translate into your browser.

Dealing with waste

Map of Prague’s recycling stations:

This map, created by the city of Prague, contains all of the locations of Prague’s recycling bins. Each point can be clicked on to reveal what types of materials can be recycled at that station, including colored glass (green bin), clear glass (white bin), plastic (yellow bin), paper (blue bin), beverage cartons (orange bin), and less commonly, metal (grey bin). Each data point also includes the type and number of containers present and how often they are emptied. Because we know they’re hard to find, we’ll tell you that in the city center, metal recycling bins can be found at the Malostranske Namesti and Senovazne Namesti recycling stations, and additional locations in Prague 1 are listed at this link (

Recycling map of Prague

Map of composting stations (and urban gardens):

This map of urban community gardens and composting stations was made by our good friends over at Kokoza, a social business that is definitely among Prague’s biggest experts on the topic. And they’re really nice. We used their map to find the nearest community composter to where we live. We were amazed to find out that on average 40% of waste is organic/food waste, which is a valuable source of nutrients when composted. So if you’re keen on doing something useful with your food waste while travelling, definitely check out the map to find your nearest composting station.

Kokoza map of composters

Where to do stuff outside

Cycling trails:

Prague isn’t the bike-friendliest city in the world, but there are still some great routes if you know where to go. The trails mapped out on sites like this one are a huge help, also letting you filter by various parameters.

Running trails:

Finding a good running trail of the right difficulty and distance is now no problem with maps such as this one. Now all we have to do is get off our butts and try them out!

Map of outdoor gyms

Someone put together this handy map of outdoor gyms, and we’re happy because we can’t wait to try them out in summer. There’s nothing that beats exercising outside!

Map of cross country skiing trails:

Cross country skiing in Prague? Yes, it’s a thing! The sport is popular all over the Czech Republic. In Prague, cross country skiing in Velka Chuchle is one of our favorites because it’s possible to do so throughout the winter, but the map has lots of other options around the Czech Republic.

Map of best picnic spots:

This map, while seemingly still a work in progress, is simply adorable. Most usable in summer, obviously, It shows places in Prague where you can go for a picnic or barbeque, giving info such as distance to the nearest recycling station or wifi.

Map of weather systems in real-time:,14.821,7

Just because it’s cool. 🙂

Bare necessities

Map of water fountains: Our Prague Green City Guide map (get the print or digital version now) includes a number of locations were you can find drinking fountains. Or, this link will also at least take you to a list of locations in Prague 1.

Green spaces & nature

Map of fruit-bearing trees and bushes:

This map and app is super cool. If you’re on Charles Bridge and hankering for a snack, did you know there’s a nearby pear tree where you can pick some fruit? The idea behind the app came from similar apps in other cities. It was inspired by a general feeling of sadness that so much fruit is left unpicked, rotten in a ditch and wasted. The map contains a crowd-sourced list of all kinds of fruit and nut trees as well as other edible plants, like the locally loved bear garlic (by the way, picking it in autumn is a fun locally-popular activity). All plants marked on the map should be free to be picked and enjoyed by the public (within the boundaries of a “picker’s code”, which includes not picking trees on private property and respecting the surrounding nature and animals… obviously).

Transport & biking


If you’re looking to get from point A to point B in Prague by bike, Praha na Kole aims to make that as easy as possible. The app, created by local NGO Auto*mat, who organize all kinds of amazing activities dedicated to making Prague a more bike-friendly city, allows you to calculate the best possible bike route to your desired destination. It can also be used in your desktop browser.

Hailing a green taxi: Green Prague

There are such great public transport options in Prague, including a ubiquitous night tram network, that taxis really are not needed. But we do understand that there are moments when a taxi is preferred. Like if you’re trying to transport heavy furniture across town and happen to be wearing stilettos. In such dire circumstances, we suggest you order a more fuel efficient cab from Green Prague using their app or website.

App to check public transport schedules: MHD App

Prague’s public transport system is amazing, and this app is one of the best available to help you plan your route. If you enable it to know your location, it will automatically calculate your route from the nearest public transport station. It’s a must-have for anyone spending more than a few days in Prague.

Recommended trips

Free map of sights in the Czech Republic:

This free map lists a bunch of interesting sights in the Czech Republic, including a photo and small blurb of information about each. Even we would use it, as there’s tons of stuff of there we still haven’t seen.

Free app in English with handy info for tourists:

Czech Tourism’s Land of Stories app is a great resource to find recommended trips and information about key sites, and it’s free.



Useful Prague Maps & apps


  1. Thank you for the first map! I’ve been in Prague for more than a year couldn’t find easily metal recycling bins.
    How does the composting stations work? Is it on specific days? Is it open to everyone? I am highly interested!

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