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5 Spots for Zero Waste Shopping in Prague

BezObalu (photo credit: Greenglasses)

Ever heard of the Zero Waste movement? It has been popularized around the globe by bloggers such as Lauren Singer of Trash is for Tossers and Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home. These ladies and their followers are adopting a lifestyle that creates (almost) no waste, meaning that everything they use is either recycled, composted or reused in some other way. The end result is far fewer natural resources ending up as waste in a landfill or incinerator. At the end of the year, passionate followers of the lifestyle can fit the trash generated by their household into a single mason jar–pretty impressive!

While we may not all be ready to take the full plunge into a zero waste lifestyle, a lot can be said for taking small steps in that direction. For example, reusable bags for shopping can majorly cut down on plastic waste. Reusable coffee cups can prevent billions of paper cups ending up in a landfill or incinerator. Silicone menstrual cups can keep billions of tampons out of the trash. Homemade cosmetics and cleaning products, made from simple ingredients bought in bulk, can reduce packaging waste as well as the amount of chemicals in your home and on your skin (not to mention saving you some cash). And so on.

The zero waste lifestyle has slowly but surely been making its way to Prague, and now there are several shops in the city selling food, cleaning products and other zero waste lifestyle accessories. We’ve rounded up five options to help you get started. So don’t hesitate to check them out next time you’re out shopping for food, cosmetics or groceries in Prague. You might be surprised!

1. Bez Obalu

bezobalu zero waste prague


Bez Obalu is a small shop selling a wide range of dry food products in bulk, including rice, nuts, chocolate and more. They also sell reusable glass and cloth packaging, with which you can take your goodies home. Some of the food they sell is organic and locally sourced.

Where to find it: Bělehradská 96, Prague 2 OR Pod Kaštany 5, Prague 6


2. Nebaleno

nebaleno zero waste prague

Photo Credit: Nebaleno

For zero waste cleaning and hygiene products, Nebaleno is the place in Prague to go. From bulk ingredients to make your own cleaning products to menstrual cups, they’ve got a good selection.

Where to find it: Jaromírova 15, Prague 2

3. Vom Fass

vom fass zero waste prague

Photo credit: Greenglasses

Vom Fass is an international chain offers a range of fine liquids on tap, straight from the barrel: oils, vinegars, wines and liquors. Grab a glass bottle and pick your poison!

Where to find it: Korunni 19, Prague 2

4. Country Life

country life zero waste prague

Photo credit: Country Life

Country Life is a grocery store selling organic, local and vegan food products. Some of their stores, such as the branch in Dejvice, sell dry food products in bulk. You can bring your own paper or cloth bag and fill up on nuts, rice, grains and more, sold by weight (but you’ll have to bring two bags of similar weight so that the weight of the bag can be deducted).

Where to find it: Československé armády 30, Prague 6

5. Farmer’s markets

farmers market zero waste prague

Naplavka Farmer’s Market (photo credit: Petra Pihanova)


Farmer’s markets have become increasingly popular in Prague, and can now be found all over the city in the warmer months (so usually not in January or February). If you bring your own reusable bags and packaging, farmer’s markets are a great place to do zero waste shopping for fruits, vegetables, nuts and even dairy. You can also pick up a coffee or breakfast/lunch, and don’t be afraid to ask the vendors to serve you in your Keepcup or other reusable packaging that you have brought along! The market at the Naplavka riverbank is a great option because of its central location and stunning views to Prague castle, but really, we love them all!

Happy zero waste shopping!

Note: this article was updated on 3/3/17. Brána k Zdraví unfortunately closed, therefore we removed it and added a different zero waste option for you. 🙂

Zero Waste Shopping in Prague


  1. Stuart says:

    Farmers’ markets are a great place to do zero waste shopping ? Completely wrong. I visit many of them, and tune and time again I have to refuse plastic bags and carriers that are thrust upon me. The sellers don’t give a damn about reducing waste. They are as bad if not worse than supermarkets.

      • Prague Green City Guide says:

        Hi Stuart, we’re sorry you’ve had this negative experience! We regularly shop at farmer’s markets with our own bags and have never had a problem. It’s true that shopping without plastic at farmer’s markets isn’t yet the norm in Prague, but the surest way to get around it is to arrive at the cash register with your veggies packaged in your own reusable bags. Hope that helps! – Jenny & Aneta

          • Lexie says:

            I live in Prague and I have also negative experience not just with Farmer´s Market Náplavka but also with Hermaňák package free market, where they sell food in aluminium packaging. I bring my own bags but I would never call this place zero waste. There is just too much trash.

              • Prague Green City Guide says:

                Hey Lexie, that is really disappointing. 🙁 We try to just focus on reducing our own trash and not letting things like this get us down. All we can do is try our best! We recommend going to Bez Obalu or Nebaleno for a truly zero waste experience. All the best, J&A

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            • […] recyklaci a méně plastu taky skončí v naší krásné přírodě. Zde jsou nejlepší dostupné bezobalové obchody v Praze a mezi nimi Bezobalu a […]

              • Tanya says:

                Although not 100% zero waste, this shop has wonderful products for animals, bottles, cleaning products and nappies and menstrual pads & biodegradable bags & beauty products. Www.
                I like their solutions & great team who advise about best solutions to reduce plastic use.

                • Adelita says:

                  Hi, I’d like to add newly opened zerowaste shop in Roztoky – very strategically placed near the train station- Sypka.

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