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March 1, 2017
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5 Awesome Czech Sustainable Fashion Brands

Photo courtesy of Sustainable Fashion Day

Photo courtesy of Sustainable Fashion Day

Prague’s fashion scene is becoming ever more conscious. With growing awareness about the less-than-ideal social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry, designers and consumers around the world are looking towards more sustainable alternatives. Helping to spread this movement in the Czech Republic is Sustainable Fashion Day (renamed SLOU Fashion Days in 2017), a Prague-based event spearheaded by local sustainable fashion expert Kamila Boudová.

What started as a gathering of Prague’s sustainable fashion gurus, insiders and enthusiasts has now budded into a twice-yearly event that draws people from all walks of Prague life, from fashionistas to the more casual clothes shopper. Whether you’re an expert or newbie on the topic, it’s a good place to connect with like-minded people, pick up practical tips on incorporating sustainability into your wardrobe and meeting local eco-conscious designers.

The event offers educational activities mainly for Czech-speakers, though some talks are also in English. The program includes talks and workshops focusing on topics from how to deal with old clothes to building an effective wardrobe. At this year’s spring event, taking place in Prague’s hottest new urban-chic venue Vnitroblock, there will be workshops to make your own upcycled bags and natural cosmetics, as well as a swap party.

In addition to awareness-raising, the event now also features a nicely curated market of local brands that are taking sustainability into account in their design and manufacturing. The mainly Czech but also Slovak and international designers will present their elegant and eco-friendly wares, showcasing a variety of planet-friendly approaches including recycling and upcycling, vintage and organic fabrics and Fairtrade manufacturing.

To help you get excited, we’ve put together a preview of 5 local designers who will be presenting at Sustainable Fashion Day, who were kind enough to share with us what they’ll be offering at the event. Hope to see you there!



Photo by TEABAG

TEABAG is a Czech brand of versatile bags made from upcycled upholstery fabric scraps that are usually discarded as waste.

“I will present the TEABAG collection of bags. The bags join a clean, functional design inspired by tea packaging with a sustainable approach. I don’t like wasting, so TEABAGs are made from quality materials discarded in upholstery workshops, which are normally disposed of as unusable waste. They are designed to completely utilize the fabric pieces. I use high quality processing to ensure your TEABAG will serve you for a long time and make you happy. I offer the bags in three sizes, from handbags to bags that can hold a notebook. Bags are varied and can be worn in many ways.” – Pavla Zimmermannová

2. Papidu


Photo by Papidu

Papidu makes elegant notebooks in the Czech Republic from discarded paper scraps.

“Our studio works with scraps of otherwise unusable paper. We work to utilize the paper fully. Papidu is zerowaste, or at least minimum waste. Everything is handmade in the Czech Republic, with the idea of turning unneeded material into something new and vibrant. What results are objects for everyday use, made to be practical, stylish, clean, subtle and stylish.” – Gábina Pilařová

3. Chriss Pola

Chriss Pola

Photo by Chriss Pola

Chriss Pola designs elegant fashion and accessories from organic natural materials such as merino wool.

“We will present fashion made from natural materials of Czech origin, namely, organic merino wool knitwear from our most recent spring / summer 2017 collection. We also offer home products, including baskets, bags for spices, bean bags, tablecloths and placemats. This year is exceptional for us in that we are striving to minimize plastic waste both in production and in our personal lives…” – Kristina Polakovicova

4. Rolling Hooks

Rolling Hooks

Photo by Rolling Hooks

Rolling Hooks produces upcycled home accessories and jewelry handmade in the Czech Republic from discarded fabric scraps.

“We will present decorative home accessories and jewelry. Everything is made using our iconic crochet technique using recycled textiles, including old shirts and residues from local textile production. We like it when discarded material gets another chance to come back to life in the form of a different product. Additionally, the materials we use provide our products with a unique aesthetic.” – Jana Rollova

5. Bohempia


Photo by Bohempia

Bohempia designs and produces stylish hemp shoes, accessories and fashion in the Czech Republic.

“Currently the only places where hemp textiles are made are China and US, but there are many issues including the quality. It’s also very far away. All of these issues are why I started my company. No one else is weaving, knitting and making hemp yarn in Europe. Hemp is thought of as something out of folklore, but I want to produce hemp clothing for everyday life.” – Tomáš Rohal, owner of Bohempia


Event Details:

What: Sustainable Fashion Day Vol. 4

When: March 18-19, 10am-8pm

Where: VNITROBLOCK, Tusarova 31, Prague 7

Admission: Voluntary/free

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1184534894999049/

Website: http://www.sustainablefashionday.cz/


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