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Authentic Prague Souvenirs: 8 Great Places To Find Them

From Prague With Love

So you’re looking for some great Prague souvenirs to take back home?

The good news is that, aside from the wonderful memories you’ll create, there’s no shortage of souvenir-worthy products in Prague waiting to be taken home by you. From handcrafted glass, crystal, and porcelain to wooden toys, local craftsmanship is alive and kicking. There’s absolutely no need to resign yourself to low quality trinkets, faux Soviet paraphernalia or a cheap t-shirt that says “Czech Me Out” (as much as we love puns 😜).

Unique, high quality and sustainably sourced alternatives are out there, and we’re here to show you where to find them. We’ve picked souvenirs we think will be more than just a keepsake from your trip, but will also be useful, long-lasting and maybe even help you live greener! So join us on our tour of 7 authentic and eco-friendly souvenir shops in Prague.

1.From Prague With Love

sustainable prague souvenirs sustainable prague souvenirs
sustainable prague souvenirs sustainable prague souvenirs

Our tour of eco-friendly souvenir shops starts right up by the Prague Castle, because we have a feeling you’ll be going there anyway. From Prague With Love is tucked on a little street not far from Hradčany Square, right by the castle. If the name of the shop doesn’t say it all, everything sold here is indeed locally and responsibly made, with heart. Their offering includes 100% linen tea-towels and Czech-made porcelain delicately decorated with Prague-inspired designs, a practical and cute 100% linen travel laundry bag, wooden travel cutlery (to help you cut down on all the plastic), and more.

Where to find it: Loretánská 13, Prague 1

Web: http://frompraguewithlove.eu/

2.Designum Gallery

sustainable prague souvenirs from designum gallery sustainable prague souvenirs from designum gallery
sustainable prague souvenirs from designum gallery sustainable prague souvenirs from designum gallery

Head down Nerudova street, leading downhill from the Castle, and you’ll pass Designum Gallery, another great stopover on your eco-souvenir tour. This shop sells jewelry and home accessories hand-made by local artists from traditional materials such as glass, wood and porcelain, as well as more unusual materials like concrete. The designs are delicate and elegant, a far cry from the mass-produced stuff you’d find in a more stereotypical souvenir shop in Prague. We really liked the nature-inspired jewelry by local designer Hanuš Lamr, the wooden bowties from Be Wooden, and the Venus of Willendorf-esque porcelain statuettes by Jana Kábrtová.

Where to find it: Nerudova 27, Prague 1

Web: http://www.designum-galerie.cz/

3. Lipa Store

sustainable prague souvenirs from lipa store sustainable prague souvenirs from lipa store
sustainable prague souvenirs from lipa store_handmade rug sustainable prague souvenirs from lipa store_wooden cutting board

Photos courtesy of Lipa Store

Once you’ve traversed the Charles Bridge en route to Old Town Square, you’ll pass Lipa Store, newly opened and a must-visit for quality and nature-inspired souvenirs. It’s located just at Malé náměstí (right near the famous Old Town Square), and is full of all kinds of cute, creative and stylish hand-crafted delights. If you have room in your luggage, we love the all-natural 100% cotton rugs, which are hand-woven by people with disabilities, supported by the NGO Ráček. Also lovely are the hand-carved wooden cutting boards and bowls and the reusable cotton shopping bags. It’s hard to pick a favorite! See for yourself.

Where to find it: Malé náměstí (the little square next to Old Town Square)

Website: https://en.lipastore.cz/

4. Czech Labels & Friends

sustainable prague souvenirs from czech labels and friends_reusable coffee cup sustainable prague souvenirs from czech labels and friends_hemp shoes
sustainable prague souvenirs from czech labels and friends_accessories sustainable prague souvenirs from czech labels and friends_sustainable fashion

Around the corner from Lipa Store, down a little side street, you’ll find a gem of a shop called Czech Labels & Friends, which sells unique and socially-conscious products from both local and international brands. Animal lovers, vegan and vegetarian travellers might like the 100% animal-free and Czech made shoes by Bohempia. Other great souvenirs are the products by local brand Lipa, which include porcelain takeaway coffee mugs and reusable shopping bags (both excellent accessories for the eco-conscious, zero waste traveller). (Psst! There will also be a Lipa store opening right around the corner from Czech Labels & Friends soon!).

Where to find it: Zelezna 12, Prague 1

Web: https://www.facebook.com/CzechLabelsAndFriends/

UPDATE: This shop is now permanently closed.


sustainable prague souvenirs from pragtique_organic cotton bags sustainable prague souvenirs from pragtique
sustainable prague souvenirs from pragtique sustainable prague souvenirs from pragtique

photos courtesy of Pragtique

Just a hop, skip and jump from Old Town Square (OK, more like a 10-minute walk), is Pragtique, a souvenir shop specializing in offering products decorated with designs from local artists. Their selection includes organic cotton shopping bags, t-shirts and baby bibs; locally-made porcelain; and recycled paper notebooks, all decorated with unique motifs designed by local artists. 

Where to find it: Národní 37, Pasáž Platýz, Prague 1

Web: http://www.pragtique.cz/en/homepage-en/


 sustainable prague souvenirs from deelivesustainable prague souvenirs from deelive
sustainable prague souvenirs from deelive sustainable prague souvenirs from deelive_plates

Next we take you down Narodni street towards another favorite Prague monument: the National Gallery. Once you’ve unglued your eyes from the beautiful view of the Vltava river, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle that you’ll gain from that vantage point, head over to Deelive to get stuck into some beautiful local design. You’ll find a range of home decor, books, fashion, jewelry and more, all designed by young local artists and designers. Gorgeous glass carafes, locally published books (including ours),  hand-woven Czech-wool rugs, Prague-themed porcelain and more are all part of the offering in this spacious gallery-esque shop.

Where to find it: Smetanovo nábřeží 4, Prague 1

Web: http://www.deelive.cz/

7.Fox Gallery

sustainable prague souvenirs from fox gallery sustainable prague souvenirs from fox gallery
sustainable prague souvenirs from fox gallery_photos of prague sustainable prague souvenirs from fox gallery_czech toys

If your appetite for souvenir shopping is still not sated (and frankly, even if it is!), we suggest you head over to Fox Gallery, which lies on the path from the National Theater back to the Charles Bridge. This gallery-cum-shop is another gem, offering fashion, jewelry, home accessories, books, toys and prints from local artists and designers. The artistic photography of iconic Prague scenes would make for a fantastic keepsake, as would the hand-made wooden toys — a perfect gift to bring back for the little ones back home.

Where to find it: Karoliny Světlé 32, Prague 1

Web: http://www.foxgallery.cz/fox-gallery.php

8.Biko Adventures

sustainable prague souvenirs from biko adventures_upcycled earrings sustainable prague souvenirs from biko adventures_prague tshirt
sustainable prague souvenirs from biko adventures_prague tshirt sustainable prague souvenirs from biko adventures_prague bike tours

photos courtesy of Biko Adventures

It’s time to get off the beaten path, and maybe end our tour with a bit of adventure. Walk or hop a tram in the direction of Vyton, Prague’s railway bridge spanning the Vltava river. Not far from there we’ll land at Biko Adventures. Aside from being an excellent choice for bike tours of Prague and surroundings, Biko Adventures also offers a shop with a cute selection of souvenirs. They sell organic cotton t-shirts and tote bags decorated with whimsical designs by local artists. In addition, you can find upcycled inner-tube earrings, posters and other souvenirs made especially for Prague- and bike-enthusiasts. If you’ve still got a little energy left in you, why not head off on a bike tour of Prague? Or maybe it can wait ‘til tomorrow. 😉

Where to find it: Vratislavova 58/3, Prague 2

Web: http://www.bikoadventures.com/

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Note: this article was updated on 3.8.17 to add an 8th option.

For lots more tips on awesome green places to shop, eat, sleep & explore in Prague, pick up a copy of our Prague Green City Guide book in our e-shop or one of our 65+ selling locations!

Authentic Souvenirs in Prague

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